This is exactly why this custody arrangement can run smoothly. On the contrary, sole legal custody means that just one parent has the responsibility of raising the child and making decisions on the child's behalf based on discretion.


In this type of legal custody, what the other parent says may not count. This may seem unfair. I mean why should a parent be prevented from having a say in their child's life? That is the questioned that should be asked.


Well, there are such cases. This happens if one parent is going through many issues with him or herself and cannot take good care of him or herself. It would not be a very good idea for such parents to be in charge of the children.


Cases like this happen if such parent has drug or alcohol problem or any other problem that would affect the mental state and the lifestyle of the parent. Now, if this is the case, the parent who doesn't have these problems will be given sole physical custody. This is done to protect the children from harm.


What kind of family scenario would warrant a sole physical custody situation where visitation for the other parent was not a part of the program? The custody arrangement that is most advantageous to both parents and the children is the joint custody arrangement. With this arrangement, both parents get to spend ample time with the children.


What makes this arrangement more beneficial and appealing is that the parents are in a better place to agree to a reduced child support payment or in another case, no child support payment since the children spend significant time with both of them.